Watson suspension expected to be between two and eight games?


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A decision on potential disciplinary action for Deshaun Watson is expected in the near future, and there has been talk that the Cleveland Browns star could face a suspension of up to a year or longer. A new report says the punishment is unlikely to be that severe.

The NFL conducted an investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Watson and has presented findings to former U.S. district judge Sue. L. Robinson, who was jointly appointed by the NFL and NFL Players Association as the disciplinary officer under the latest collective bargaining agreement. The NFL is said to be seeking a suspension of at least a full season. However, sources told Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk that the final punishment will likely be a ban of somewhere between two and eight games.

One big argument for the NFL Players Association on behalf of Watson is that language in the Personal Conduct Policy states that team owners and club management have “traditionally been held to a higher standard and will be subject to more significant discipline.” How the league has handled other allegations against owners and other club personnel will likely be cited by Watson’s team.

A recent lawsuit that was filed against the Houston Texans accused the team and director of security Brent Naccara of ignoring concerns about Watson’s conduct.

The Texans have reached settlement agreements with 30 women who either filed claims or planned to file claims against the team. It is unclear if the NFL plans to investigate Naccara or the Texans. Florio notes that the NFLPA could use any leniency the NFL shows toward the Texans to argue that there is a double standard in how team officials and players are treated.

If Watson is suspended for a lengthy period of time, he is reportedly considering drastic action against the NFL.


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