Seely wants to put ‘America First’


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Matthew Seely, of Davison, is a Republican candidate on the August primary ballot for Michigan’s 8th congressional district. 

His main priority of his campaign is to revitalize the job growth in Michigan, Seely said. He referenced closing businesses and “hard times” in Flint. 

“I feel very strongly about the fact that this country’s on the wrong track,” Seely said. “And that the only way that this is going to end is if we can take a majority back in the U.S. House.”

By using “blue energy,” Seely said more jobs and opportunities could be available for people in Michigan. He proposes utilizing surrounding freshwater by manufacturing filtration systems in our own districts that could be sold around the world. 

“I think it would be awesome to take the Flint water crisis – which has been a ball and chain for the area for a while now – and turn this whole thing around so that we become the world’s leader, the epicenter of food technology,” he said. 

Seely’s campaign slogan “America First” – which to him means “charity begins at home.” Before aid is given to other countries around the world, he said we should be focusing on the poverty that already exists in America.   

He previously served as a Trump delegate to the GOP National Convention. He said he agreed with many of Trump’s policies and initiatives during his presidency. 

“I admired the stick-to-it-iveness to build the border wall,” he said. “I was sad that the new administration halted it. I liked the Keystone Pipeline getting built because it would give us an opportunity to bring oil in from our largest supplier in Canada and not use any energy to move the oil.”

When asked about Jan. 6, 2021, Seely said he doesn’t think Trump had anything to do with inciting violence at the Capitol.

“I don’t think it was an insurrection, I think that the whole thing was a very ugly riot, no different than the one that went on in Minneapolis, or any of the other major cities during that summer before the election,” he said.

In 2018, many Grosse Pointe community members were offended by memes posted on Seelys Facebook page during his time on City Council. One post depicted two women supporting each other with the caption, “I’m so sorry that bad man touched you inappropriately. Let’s wait 30 or 40 years…until he runs for office….against a Democrat.”

Another post that offended constituents was a meme which targeted women of color in congress. A public advocacy group, Progress Michigan, called for Seely’s resignation from the council, but Seely defended the memes, saying he was exercising his first amendment rights. 

Seely said he did not run for reelection on city council because he felt he had other opportunities waiting for him in politics. 

“I just think that the right candidate, with the right agenda could go in there and bring in jobs and bring a revitalization and rebirth to the area. And that’s my whole campaign,” he said. 

More information about Matthew Seely can be found on his website

He doesn’t think the violence at the capitol had anything to do with First Amendment rights, and he wouldn’t change anything about the current gun laws in America. He said the high amounts of shootings in America are a “social issue” and that we need to help people in need rather than regulate qualified gun-owners.  

“I just don’t believe that regulating rights is what we should be doing,” Seely said. “I think there are other ways to prevent the types of problems that we’ve been having with school shootings, and let’s face it, they’ve been going on for a long time.”

Another component of Seely’s campaign is advocating for parental rights in schools. He is opposed to public schools teaching critical race theory. Critical race theory is the academic framework used in upper-level college classes that came to prominence last year after Republicans accused educators of using it in public schools. The academic theory examines what role racism or bias plays in institutional decisions and has become an election-year device for candidates.

“ I don’t think there’s any place for it,” he said. “I don’t think teaching division is a way to bring people together.”

More information about Matthew Seely can be found on his website




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