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“A More Perfect Union” is a media project that explores the complexities of our democracy in order to help strengthen it. Through radio programs, podcasts, and oral histories, the collaborative project examines American democracy’s founding documents: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence, through a cross-cultural lens.

“A More Perfect Union” invites all of us to reflect on our shared history and the American ideals that have animated our republic since its founding. How have different communities been included or excluded from our democratic systems? How have Washington cultural communities defined “liberty” based on their unique social circumstances? What challenges have these communities faced in their quest for liberty, and how have they tried to overcome them? How can we work to build a more just, inclusive, and sustainable democracy?

The project is presented by KUOW, Spokane Public Radio, Humanities Washington, and Northwest Public Broadcasting.

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The first episode of “A More Perfect Union,” explores concepts of civic engagement and participation in our region.

Reporters dive into civic education standards and share insight into the ways educators make civic education interesting, both in and outside the classroom.

Then, they’ll explore the lives of some of Washington’s early agricultural immigrants through a tour of the first museum dedicated to Chicano/a and Latino/a culture in Washington state, exploring how communities immigrated and reshaped our civic lives, and also how museums can tell the story of civic engagement.

Finally, they’ll speak to a Washington activist about rights for people who are under-represented in many conversations about unalienable rights.

Hear the full episode by clicking the audio above.


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